Friday, 17 February 2012

In the beginning...

I'm Judith, an older woman with a short attention span.  All my life I have been passionate about things for about 5 years, then moved on. (Feminism, psychology, ceramics, heritage roses, painting ...)  But this particular passion seems to be persisting.  Maybe 15 years ago my husband decided we should have an olive grove.  He had heard from several sources at the same time that Australia consumed much more oil than it produced, that our climate was well suited to the olive tree, and he thought  that it would be very smart to get into the production ourselves.  My job was to find the property - he was working away at the time.  The parameters were: no more than an hours drive away from the city, free draining soil, good water supply, under $200,000, preferably on a recognised tourist route, access to three phase power, and not needing too much clearing.  This was such fun - pouring over real estate pages, calling agents, driving all around the closer regions ... it took 3 years to find the right property.  I went out to Beverley, down to Harvey, and north to Gingin.  Sometimes I crossed them off myself, sometimes I'd drag my husband to see them and he would dismiss them:-  'It's a swamp! There is no road in! 

Island Point Olive Grove in spring 2007

Judith at the Grove - Leccino

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